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However, any streaming tiles will temporarily fail.

Once a dataset is created, use the REST APIs to push data using the Add rows API, as demonstrated in this article.

All requests to REST APIs are secured using Azure AD OAuth.

In the Power BI service, you can create a dataset by selecting the API approach as shown in the following image.

With a push dataset, data is pushed into the Power BI service.

When the dataset is created, the Power BI service automatically creates a new database in the service to store the data.

The custom streaming tiles that are based on a streaming dataset are optimized for quickly displaying real-time data.

There is very little latency between when the data is pushed into the Power BI service and when the visual is updated, since there’s no need for the data to be entered into or read from a database.

The previous section described the three primary types of real-time datasets you can use in real-time streaming, and how they differ.Examples of data that's ready as-is include temperatures, and pre-calculated averages.With a Pub Nub streaming dataset, the Power BI web client uses the Pub Nub SDK to read an existing Pub Nub data stream, and no data is stored by the Power BI service.With Power BI real-time streaming, you can stream data and update dashboards in real-time.Any visual or dashboard that can be created in Power BI can also be created to display and update real-time data and visuals.

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In practice, streaming datasets and their accompanying streaming visuals are best used in situations when it is critical to minimize the latency between when data is pushed and when it is visualized.

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