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He then moved to Tonawanda where he, his sister and two brothers grew up.

John attended All Saints and Blessed Sacrament elementary schools in Kenmore.

After living and working with them in rural areas of Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina, Fr. He recalled, “They wanted me to get a taste of the missions and, if at the end of three years I liked them and they liked me, I would have stayed with them. Compared to his time spent with the Glenmary Missions where he would have three parishes in two or three different counties, he remarked, “Traveling and managing that number of parishes was nothing new to me.” After 12 years as pastor of those three parishes, he spent six years as pastor of St. He then spent four months studying at the Vatican II Institute outside of San Francisco and returned to spend five years as pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in North Collins.

It was a great three years and I still have some friends in Glenmary parishes but we have rural here.” He went on to serve at St. Paul in Kenmore before being assigned as pastor of three parishes; St. Seven years ago he was assigned as pastor of Most Precious Blood Parish in Angola where he currently resides.

Sometimes being on call is a challenge as well as realizing your own limitations. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo where he currently resides. The priesthood has its difficult moments as well such as, “dealing with expectations and demands of people that are often times quite unrealistic. Get together with a priest you know to get a sense of what he does in the course of the day.” Fr. Sal Manganello has had that experience plus a whole lot more.

Father Sal still practices Canon Law for the Diocese of Buffalo some 26 years later.Father Sal then returned to school in Rome to study Canon Law.He worked at the Tribunal in the Catholic Center in Buffalo during the summers when school was not in session.He then taught Religion and European Cultures for a year at Archbishop Walsh High School.For about three years, he spent time looking into the possibility of becoming an order priest with the Glenmary Home Missions. At least those three were located relatively close together.

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Accepted at three colleges he planned to get a degree in History, graduate, get married and teach history. Father Sal recalled, “My parents encouraged me and all my siblings in whatever we were doing.

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