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air depolarizationespectroscopio (m) de emision atomica AES (atomic emission spectroscopy) -espectroscopia (f) de emision atomica AES (atomic emission spectrum) -espectro (m) de emision atomica AES (Auger electron spectroscope) -espectroscopio (m) electronica de Auger AES (Auger electron spectroscopy) -espectroscopia (f) electronica de Augeraffinity (n) - afinidad (f)affect (n) - afectaraffected (adj) - afectadoaffinity chromatography - cromatografia (f)por afinidadaffinity constant - constante (f) de afinidadaffinity curve - curva (f) de afinidadaffinity elution - elucion (f) por afinidadaffinity purification - purificacion (f) porafinidadaflatoxin (n) - aflatoxina (f)afterglow (n) - luminiscencia (f) residual,incandescencia (f) residual Ag (silver) - Ag (plata)agar (n) - agar(m)agaric acid - âcido (m) agâricoagaricin (n) - agaricina (f)agarose (n) - agarosa(f)agarose gel electrophoresis -electroforesis (f) de gel de agarosaagate (n) - ägata(f)ageing (n) - envejecimiento (m)agent (n) - agente (m)Agent Orange - Agente (m) Naranjaagglomerate (n) - aglomerado (m)agglomeration (n) - aglomeracion (f)agglutinate (v) - aglutinaragglutination (n) - aglutinacion (f)aggregate (adj) - agregadoaggregate (n) - agregado (m)aggregate (v) - agregaraggregate constituents - componentes (m-pl)agregadosaggregation (n) - agregacion (f)aging (n) - envejecimiento (m)agitatate (v) - agitaragitator (n) - agitador(m)aglucon (n) - aglucona (f)aglycon (n) - aglicona(f)aglucone (n) - aglucona (f)aglycone (n) - aglicona(f)agmatine (n) - agmatina(f)agonist (n) - agonista(m)agonistic (adj) - agonisticoagonistic interaction - interaccion (f)agonisticaagranular (adj) - agranularagricultural chemical - producto (m)quimico agricolaagricultural waste - desechos (m-pl)agricolas, desperdicios (m-pl) agricolas Ah R (aryl hydrocarbon receptor) - receptor(m) de hidrocarburos de arilo AIDS (n) - SIDA(m)AIDS drugs - drogas (f-pl) contra el SIDAAIDS medications - medicamentos (m-pl)contra el SIDAAIDS vaccine - vacuna (f) contra el SIDAAIDS virus - virus (m) del SIDAair (n) - aire (m)air analysis - anâlisis (m) del aireair bath - bano (m) de aireair battery - bateria (f) de aireair-borne (adj) - transmitido por el aire, enel aire, atmosféricoair-borne contaminants - contaminantes(m-pl) atmosféricosair-borne contamination - contaminacion(f) atmosféricaair-borne dust - polvo (m) suspendido en elaireair-borne particles - particulas (f-pl)suspendidas en el aireair-borne particulates - particulas (f-pl)suspendidas en el aireair-borne pathogens - patogenos (m-pl)transmitidos por el aireair-borne pollutants - contaminantes (m-pl)atmosféricosair-borne pollution - contaminacion (f)atmosféricaair-borne substance - sustancia (f)suspendida en el aireair bubble - burbuja (f) de aireair cathode - câtodo (m) de aireair chemistry - quimica (f) del aire, quimica(f) atmosféricaair cleaner - limpiador (m) del aire,purificador (m) del aireair cleaning - limpieza (f) del aire,purificacion (f) del aireair compression - compresion (f) de aireair compressor - compresor (m) de aireair contaminants - contaminantes (m-pl)del aireair contamination - contaminacion (f) delaireair content - contenido (m) del aireair-cooled (adj) - enfriado con aireair cooling - enfriamiento (m) con aireair-depolarized (adj) - despolarizado poraireair depolarization - despolarizacion (f) por11 18.

air driedaireair dried - secado al aireair dry - secar al aireair drying - secado (m) al aireair electrode - electrodo (m) de aireair emissions - emisiones (f-pl) al aire,emisiones (f-pl) a la atmosferaair-extracting hood - campana (f) extractorade aire, campana (f) extractora de humosair-extraction hood - campana (f) extractorade aire, campana (f) extractora de humosair-extractor hood - campana (f) extractorade aire, campana (f) extractora de humosair filter - filtro (m) de aireair filtration - filtrado (m) del aire, filtracion(f) del aireair flow - flujo (m) de aireair hood - campana (f) extractora de aire,campana (f) extractora de humosair humidity - humedad (f) del aire,humedad (f) atmosféricaair impurity - impureza (f) del aireair jet - chorro (m) de aireair leak - fuga (f) de aireair leakage - fuga (f) de aireair moisture - humedad (f) del aire,humedad (f) atmosféricaair monitoring - monitoreo (m) del aireair mouse - raton (m) 3Dair oven - estufa (f) de aireair pollutants - contaminantes (m-pl) delaireair-polluting gases - gases (m-pl)contaminantes del aireair pollution - contaminacion (f) del aire,contaminacion (f) atmosféricaair-pollution control - control (m) de lacontaminacion del aireair pump - bomba (f) de aireair purification - purificacion (f) del aireair purifier - purificador (m) del aireair purity - pureza (f) del aireair quality - calidad (f) del aireair regulator - regulador (m) de aireair sample - muestra (f) de aireair sampling - muestreo (m) del aireair test - prueba (f) del aireair testing - pruebas (f-pl) del aireair-tight (adj) - hermético al aire, estanco alaire, herméticoair treatment - tratamiento (m) del aireairborne (adj) - transmitido por el aire, enel aire, atmosféricoairborne contaminants - contaminantes (m-pl)atmosféricosairborne contamination - contaminacion (f)atmosféricaairborne dust - polvo (m) suspendido en elaireairborne particles - particulas (f-pl)suspendidas en el aireairborne particulates - particulas (f-pl)suspendidas en el aireairborne pathogens - patogenos (m-pl)transmitidos por el aireairborne pollutants - contaminantes (m-pl)atmosféricosairborne pollution - contaminacion (f)atmosféricaairborne substance - sustancia (f)suspendida en el aireairtight (adj) - hermético al aire, estanco alaire, hermético Al (aluminum, aluminium) - Al (aluminio)alabandite (n) - alabandina (f)alabaster (n) - alabastro (m)alachlor (n) - alaclor (m), alacloro (m)alacreatine (n) - alacreatina (f)alanine (n) - alanina(f)alanyl (n) - alanilo (m)albaspidin (n) - albaspidina (f)albata (n) - albata(f)albedo (n) - albedo (m)albendazole (n) - albendazol (m)albertite (n) - albertita(f)albite (n) - albita(f)albomycin (n) - albomicina (f)albumen (n) - albumen (m)albumin (n) - albumina (f)albuminoid (n) - albuminoide (m)albumitate (n) - albuminato (m)albutoin (n) - albutoina (f)alcogel (n) - alcogel (m)alcohol (n) - alcohol (m)alcohol dehydrogenase - deshidrogenasa(f) de alcoholalcohol foam - espuma (f) de alcoholalcoholate (n) - alcoholato (m)alcoholic (adj) - alcoholicoalcoholic fermentation - fermentacion (f)alcoholicaalcoholysis (n) - alcoholisis (f)alcosol (n) - alcosol (m)aldaric acid - âcido (m) aldâricoaldazine (n) - aldazina(f)aldehyde (n) - aldehido (m)aldehyde condensation - condensation (f)de un aldehidoaldehyde dehydrogenase - deshidrogenasa(f) de aldehidoaldehyde ketone - cetona (f) aldehidoaldehyde polymer - polimero (m) aldehido12 19.

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey. Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030, (201) 748-6011, fax (201) 748-6008, or online at Preface and Notes on the Use of This Dictionary This Dictionary provides over 75,000 entries covering all areas of chemistry,plus relevant terms in related spheres of expertise.

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It takes authentic courage to be anice person in this world, and you really do make a difference! Reconocimientos Es un placer darle las gracias a Bob Eposito, Editor Asociado en Wiley, quienreconocio el mérito de este concepto, y quien personalmente supervise) cadapaso del libro, desde su aprobacion hasta su publicacion.

También le quiero darlas gracias a Michael Leventhal, Editor en Wiley, quien se encargo de variosasuntos claves. Published 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.absolute reaction rate AÀ (angström, angstrom) - Â (angstrom,angstrom)a fortiori - a fortiori, con mas razona-ha experience - experiencia (f) jaja!

acrid fumesacetilenoacetylene dichloride - dicloruro (m) deacetilenoacetylene tetrabromide - tetrabromuro (m)de acetilenoacetylesterase (n) - acetilesterasa (f)acetylferrocene (n) - acetilferroceno (m)acetylformic acid - âcido (m) acetilformicoacetylide (n) - acetiluro (m)acetylmethylcarbinol - acetilmetilcarbinol(m)acetylphenol (n) - acetilfenol (m)acetyl phosphate (n) - acetilfosfato (m)acetylpropionic acid - âcido (m)acetilpropionicoacetylsalicylic acid - âcido (m)acetilsalicilicoacetyltransferase - acetiltransferasa (f)acetyl urea - acetilurea (f)ACh (Acetyl CHoline) - acetilcolina (f)ACh E (Acetyl CHolin Esterase) -acetilcolinesterasa (f)Acheson process - proceso (m) de Achesonachiral (adj) - aquiralachirotopic (adj) - aquirotopicoachromatic (adj) - acromâticoachromatic indicator - indicador (m)acromâticoaciclovir (n) - aciclovir(m)acicular (adj) - acicularacid (n) - âcido (m)acid acceptor - aceptor (m) de âcidoacid alcohol - alcohol (m) âcidoacid amide - amida (f) de âcidoacid ammonium sulfate - sulfato (m) deamonio âcidoacid ammonium sulphate - sulfato (m) deamonio âcidoacid anhydride - anhidrido (m) de âcidoacid-base catalysis - catâlisis (f) âcido-baseacid-base constant - constante (f) âcido-baseacid-base disturbance - disturbio (m)âcido-baseacid-base equilibrium - equilibrio (m)âcido-baseacid-base extraction - extraccion (f) âcido-baseacid-base indicator - indicador (m) âcido-baseacid-base pair - par (m) âcido-baseacid-base reaction - reaccion (f) âcido-baseacid-base titration - valoracion (f) âcido-base,titulacion (f) âcido-baseacid chloride - cloruro (m) de âcidoacid content - contenido (m) âcidoacid deposition - deposition (f) âcidaacid digestion - digestion (f) con âcidoacid dissociation - disociacion (f) âcidaacid dissociation constant - constante (f)de disociacion âcidaacid dye - colorante (m) âcidoacid equilibrium - equilibrio (m) âcidoacid fraction - fraccion (f) âcidaacid fuchsin - fucsina (f) âcidaacid group - grupo (m) âcidoacid halide - haluro (m) âcidoacid number - numéro (m) de âcido, valor(m) de âcidoacid odor - olor (m) a âcidoacid odour - olor (m) a âcidoacid oxide - oxido (m) âcidoacid phosphatase - fosfatasa (f) âcidaacid phosphate - fosfato (m) âcidoacid precipitation - precipitacion (f) âcidaacid radical - radical (m) de âcidoacid rain - lluvia (f) âcidaacid reaction - reaccion (f) âcidaacid-resistant (adj) - resistente al âcidoacid salt - sal (f) âcidaacid solution - solucion (f) âcidaacid solvent - solvente (m) âcidoacid value - valor (m) de âcido, numéro (m)de âcidoacid wash - lavado (m) con âcidoacidic (adj) - acidicoacidic group - grupo (m) acidicoacidic hydrogen - hidrogeno (m) acidicoacidification (n) - acidification (f)acidify (v) - acidificaracidimeter (n) - acidimetro (m)acidimétrie (adj) - acidimétricoacidimétrie titration - valoracion (f)acidimétrica, titulacion (f) acidimétricaacidimetry (n) - acidimetria (f)acidity (n) - acidez (f)acidity coefficient - coeficiente (m) deacidezacidity constant - constante (f) de acidezacidity function - finition (f) de acidezacidolysis (n) - acidolisis (f)acidosis (n) - acidosis (f)acidproof (adj) - a prueba de âcidosacidulant (n) - acidulante (m)aconite (n) - aconito (m)aconitic acid - âcido (m) aconiticoaconitine (n) - aconitina(f)acquired immunodeficiency syndrome -sindrome (m) de inmunodeficienciaadquiridaacrid (adj) - acreacrid fumes - humos (m-pl) acres7 14.

acridineacridine (n) - acridina (f)acridine orange - anaranjado (m) deacridinaacriflavine (n) - acriflavina (f)acrimonious (adj) - acrimoniosoacroleic acid - âcido (m) acroleicoacrolein (n) - acroleina (f)acrolein dimer - dimero (m) de acroleinaacrolein test - prueba (f) de acroleinaaerometer (n) - acrometro (m)acronym (n) - acronimo (m)acrylaldehyde (n) - acrilaldehido (m)acrylamide (n) - acrilamida (f)acrylamide copolymer - copolimero (m) deacrilamidaacrylamide copolymerisation -copolimerizacion (f) de acrilamidaacrylamide copolymerization -copolimerizacion (f) de acrilamidaacrylamide polymer - polimero (m) deacrilamidaacrylamide polymerisation -polimerizacion (f) de acrilamidaacrylamide polymerization -polimerizacion (f) de acrilamidaacrylate (n) - acrilato (m)acrylate plastic - plâstico (m) de acrilatoacrylate resin - résina (f) de acrilatoacrylic (n) - acrilico (m)acrylic acid - âcido (m) acrilicoacrylic acid polymer - polimero (m) deâcido acrilicoacrylic acid polymerisation -polimerizacion (f) de âcido acrilicoacrylic acid polymerization -polimerizacion (f) de âcido acrilicoacrylic aldehyde - aldehido (m) acrilicoacrylic ester - ester (m) acrilicoacrylic polymer - polimero (m) acrilicoacrylic polymerisation - polimerizacion (f)acrilicaacrylic polymerization - polimerizacion (f)acrilicaacrylic resin - résina (f) acrilicaacrylonitrile (n) - acrilonitrilo (m)acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin -résina (f) de acrilonitrilo-butadieno-estirenoacrylonitrile copolymer - copolimero (m)de acrilonitriloacrylonitrile copolymerisation -copolimerizacion (f) de acrilonitriloacrylonitrile copolymerization -copolimerizacion (f) de acrilonitriloacrylonitrile polymer - polimero (m) deacrilonitriloacrylonitrile polymerisation -polimerizacion (f) de acrilonitriloacrylonitrile polymerization -polimerizacion (f) de acrilonitriloacryloyl chloride - cloruro (m) de acriloilo ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) -hormona (f) adrenocorticotropica, hormona(f) adrenocorticotropaactin (n) - actina(f)actinic (adj) - actinicoactinic radiation - radiacion (f) actinicaactinide (n) - actinido (m)actinide series - série (f) actinidaactinism (n) - actinismo (m)actinium (n) - actinio (m)actinium series - série (f) de actinioactinochemistry - actinoquimica (f)actinoid (n) - actinoide (m)actinometer (n) - actinometro (m)actinometry (n) - actinometria (f)actinomycin (n) - actinomicina (f)actinon (n) - actinon (m)actinoquinol (n) - actinquinol (m)action (n) - accion (f)action level - nivel (m) de accionaction spectra - espectros (m-pl) de accionaction spectroscopy - espectroscopia (f) deaccionaction spectrum - espectro (m) de accion Actiq (n) - Actiq (m)activate (v) - activaractivated (adj) - activadoactivated adsorption - adsorcion (f)activadaactivated alumina - alumina (f) activadaactivated carbon - carbon (m) activadoactivated charcoal - carbon (m) activadoactivated complex - complejo (m) activadoactivated molecule - molécula (f) activadaactivated sludge - lodo (m) activado,sedimento (m) activadoactivated state - estado (m) activadoactivating (adj) - activadoractivating agent - agente (m) activadoractivation (n) - activacion (f)activation analysis - anâlisis (m) poractivacionactivation cross-section - seccion (f)transversal de activacionactivation energy - energia (f) de activacionactivation process - proceso (m) deactivacionactivation reaction - reaccion (f) deactivacionactivational (adj) - activante, que activaactivator (n) - activador (m)active (adj) - activo8 15.

Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: While the publisher and author have used their best efforts inpreparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness ofthe contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for aparticular purpose. In order to prepare this newedition, the First Edition was completely revised, and over 35,000 new termswere added.aldehyde polymerisation - polimerizacion(f) de aldehidosaldehyde polymerization - polimerizacion(f) de aldehidosaldehyde reduction - reduccion (f) dealdehidoaldehydine (n) - aldehidina (f)aldicarb (n) - aldicarb (m)aldimine (n) - aldimina(f)alditol (n) - alditol(m)aldohexose (n) - aldohexosa (f)aldoketose (n) - aldocetosa (f)aldoketene (n) - aldocetena (f)aldol (n) - aldol (m)aldol condensation - condensacion (f)aldolicaaldol reaction - reaccion (f) aldolicaaldolase (n) - aldolasa(f)Aldomet (n) - Aldomet (m)aldonic acid - âcido (m) aldonicoaldopentose - aldopentosa (f)aldose (n) - aldosa(f)aldosterone (n) - aldosterona (f)aldoxime (n) - aldoxima(f)aldrin (n) - aldrina (f)aleuritic acid - âcido (m) aleuriticoalexandrite (n) - alexandrita (f)alfentanil (n) - alfentanilo (m)alga (n) - alga(f)algae (n-pl) - algas (f-pl)algal bloom - proliferacion (f) de algasalgal toxins - toxinas (f-pl) de algasalgarose (n) - algarosa(f)algicide (n) - algicida (m)algin (n) - algina(f)alginate (n) - alginato (m)alginic acid - âcido (m) alginicoalgorithm (n) - algoritmo (m)algorithmic (adj) - algoritmicoalgulose (n) - algulosa(f)alicyclic (adj) - aliciclicoalicyclic amines - aminas (f-pl) aliciclicasalicyclic compound - compuesto (m)aliciclicoalicyclic hydrocarbons - hidrocarburos (m-pl)aliciclicosalignment (n) - alineacion (f)aliphatic (adj) - alifâticoaliphatic acid - âcido (m) alifâticoaliphatic amines - aminas (f-pl) alifâticasaliphatic compound - compuesto (m)alifâticoaliphatic epoxide - epoxido (m) alifâticoaliphatic group - grupo (m) alifâticoaliphatic hydrocarbon - hidrocarburo (m)alifâticoaliphatic series - série (f) alifâticaalipite (n) - alipita(f)aliquot (n) - alicuota(f)alite (n) - alita (f)alizaramide (n) - alizaramida (f)alizarate (n) - alizarato (m)alizarin (n) - alizarina (f)alizarin blue - azul (m) de alizarinaalizarin cyanine - cianina (f) de alizarinaalizarin dye - colorante (m) de alizarinaalizarin red - rojo (m) de alizarinaalizarin sulfonate - sulfonato (m) dealizarinaalizarin sulphonate - sulfonato (m) dealizarinaalizarin yellow - amarillo (m) de alizarinaalkadiene (n) - alcadieno (m)alkalamide (n) - alcalamida (f)alkalescence (n) - alcalescencia (f)alkalescent (adj) - alcalescentealkali (n) - alcali (m)alkali alcoholate - alcoholato (m) alcalinoalkali blue - azul (m) alcalinoalkali metal - metal (m) alcalinoalkalide (n) - alcalida(f)alkalimeter (n) - alcalimetro (m)alkalimetry (n) - alcalimetria (f)alkaline (adj) - alcalinoalkaline earth - tierra (f) alcalinaalkaline-earth metal - metal (m)alcalinotérreoalkaline-earth oxide - oxido (m)alcalinotérreoalkaline reaction - reaccion (f) alcalinaalkaline solution - solution (f) alcalinaalkalinity (n) - alcalinidad (f)alkalise (v) - alcalizaralkalize (v) - alcalizaralkaloid (n) - alcaloïde (m)alkaloidal (adj) - alcaloidalalkalometry (n) - alcalometria (f)alkalosis (n) - alcalosis (f)alkamine (n) - alcamina(f)alkanal (n) - alcanal (m)alkane (n) - alcano (m)alkanesulfonic acid - âcido (m)alcanosulfonicoalkanesulphonic acid - âcido (m)alcanosulfonicoalkanisation (n) - alcanizacion (f)alkanium (n) - alcanio (m)alkanization (n) - alcanizacion (f)alkannin (n) - alcanina(f)alkanol (n) - alcanol (m)alkanolamine (n) - alcanolamina (f)alkene (n) - alqueno (m)13 20.alkene seriesalkene series - série (f) de alquenosalkoxide (n) - alcoxido (m)alkoxy (n) - alcoxi (m)alkoxyamine (n) - alcoxiamina (f)alkoxy late (n) - alcoxilato (m)alkyd (adj) - alquidicoalkyd resin - résina (f) alquidicaalkyl (n) - alquilo (m)alkyl acid - âcido (m) de alquiloalkyl base - base (f) de alquiloalkyl halide - haluro (m) de alquiloalkyl nitrite - nitrito (m) de alquiloalkyl oxide - oxido (m) de alquiloalkyl radical - radical (m) alquiloalkylamine (n) - alquilamina (f)a Iky I ate (n) - alquilato (m)alkylated (adj) - alquiladoalkylating agent - agente (m) alquilantealkylation (n) - alquilacion (f)alkylbenzene (n) - alquilbenceno (m)alkylbenzene sulfonate - sulfonato (m) dealquilbencenoalkylbenzene sulphonate - sulfonato (m)de alquilbencenoalkylene (n) - alquileno (m)alkylide (n) - alquiluro (m)alkylidene (n) - alquilideno (m)alkylidyne (n) - alquilidina (f)alkylolamide (n) - alquilolamida (f)alkylolamine (n) - alquilolamina (f)alkylphenol (n) - alquilfenol (m)alkyne (n) - alquino (m)all at once - de una vez, todo a la vez, todode una vez, al mismo tiempoall-or-none principle - principio (m) detodo o nada Allan-Robinson reaction - reaction (f) de Allan-Robinsonallanite (n) - alanita (f)allantoic acid - âcido (m) alantoicoallantoin (n) - alantoina(f)allele (n) - alelo (m)allelic (adj) - alélicoallelochemical (adj) - aleloquimicoallelochemical (n) - aleloquimico (m)allelomorph (n) - alelomorfo (m)allelopathic chemical - producto (m)quimico alelopâticoallelotrope (n) - alelotropo (m)allelotropism (n) - alelotropismo (m)allemontite (n) - alemontita (f)aliène (n) - aleno (m)allergen (n) - alérgeno (m)allergic response - respuesta (f) alérgicaallethrin (n) - aletrina(f)allicin (n) - alicina (f)igation (n) - aligacion (f)o- - allo-obarbital(n) - alobarbital (m)ochromatic (adj) - alocromâticooclasite (n) - aloclasita (f)oisomerism (n) - aloisomerismo (m)omaleic acid - âcido (m) alomaleicoomeric (adj) - aloméricoomerisation (n) - alomerizacion (f)omerism (n) - alomerismo (m)omerization (n) - alomerizacion (f)ometric (adj) - alométricoomorphism (n) - alomorfismo (m)ophanamide (n) - alofanamida (f)ophanate (n) - alofanato (m)ophane (n) - alofana (f)ophanic (adj) - alofânicoophanic acid - âcido (m) alofânicoopurinol (n) - alopurinol (m)ose (n) - alosa(f)osteric (adj) - alostéricoosteric activator - activador (m)alostéricoosteric effect - efecto (m) alostéricoosteric enzyme - enzima (f) alostéricaosteric modulator - modulador (m)alostéricoosteric regulation - regulacion (f)alostéricaosteric site - sitio (m) alostéricoostery (n) - alosteria(f)otoxin (n) - alotoxina(f)otriomorphic (adj) - alotriomorfootriomorphism (n) - alotriomorfismo (m)otrope (n) - alotropo (m)otropic (adj) - alotropicootropism (n) - alotropismo (m)otropy (n) - alotropia(f)owable (adj) - permisibleowed (adj) - permitidoowed band - banda (f) permitidaowed transition - transicion (f) permitidaoxan (n) - aloxana (f)oxanic acid - âcido (m) aloxânicooxanthin (n) - aloxantina (f)oy (n) - aleacion (f)oy blend - mezcla (f) de aleacionesoy steel - acero (m) aleadoulose (n) - alulosa(f)yl (n) - alilo (m)lyl acetate - acetato (m) de alilolyl acrylate - acrilato (m) de aliloyl alcohol - alcohol (m) alilicoyl aldehyde - aldehido (m) alilicoyl benzoate - benzoato (m) de aliloyl bromide - bromuro (m) de alilo14 21.Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English chemistry dictionary / Steven M. Debido a su formato directo y naturalmente intuitivo, no hay reglas niindicaciones especiales para el uso de este diccionario.Los usuariossencillamente buscan cualquier palabra o frase deseada, obtienen el équivalentey regresan a aquello en lo que se estaba trabajando.

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