Battery dating violence florida

And, yes, I am putting our country in the same area of comparison as the rest of the world.

PLEASE NOTE --- Ultimately, the Violence Against Women Act was again reauthorized in 2013, after a long legislative battle throughout 20122013.

I know that the topic is difficult, but I'm with Mansur Gidfar, who earlier this year asked in an article in which he shared a jarring graphic comparing the first two facts below: "Would A Body Count Change Your Mind?

" Because something has to change so that we reauthorize VAWA as quickly as possible.

As with rape, some information regarding domestic violence might be useful.

I suspect most people would rather not think about it.

Even though, given the statistics, everyone knows people who are being abused, whether they realize it or not. In addition, everyone knows, women "gold diggers and frauds" lie about these things.

Their children, likewise -- girls being more likely to become victims, boys abusers.

Men who abuse are untreated, controlling, violent and stripped of their humanity.

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  1. MORE MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid labeled rural Americans “the core threat to our Democracy” and called for the abolition of the electoral college to limit their ability to influence elections and government.“This is the core threat to our democracy.