Database not updating from stored procedures

Oracle Database supports the following methods for upgrading a database to the new release: For the upgrade process, Oracle provides a set of tools and scripts that you run before, during, and after upgrading.

Table 1-1, "Upgrade, Post-Upgrade, and Downgrade Scripts" lists the various scripts and tools with a description for each.

Compatibility and interoperability issues may arise because of differences between Oracle Database releases.

This feature provides you with FTP and HTTP(S)/Web DAV access to DBFS files and folders.You may be able to have a combination of some releases on one system.However, be sure to obtain the latest information on compatibility and supported configurations from My Oracle Support at clients connecting to any or all of the databases.any time before upgrading to analyze your database.The Pre-Upgrade Information Tool provides a preview of the items that DBUA checks and generates "fix-up" scripts that you can run to resolve issues that are flagged in the source database.

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