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3) Should I go out with each one a few more times before deciding? I know this sounds juvenile, but I truly have never been in this position before.I have made up my mind not to do anything sexual with either until I am only going out with one of them. I don't expect the women to agree with me on this, but it's early enough in the process that you really don't have to do anything but continue to date them.I guarantee that at some point within the next couple weeks, one will eliminate herself (not literally) based on information you may be in the same dilemma you're in and not choose you. Since (it seems from your post) you've only been out once with each, you really don't know enough to do anything else.You don't owe them an explanation about what you do when you're not with them - as they also may have met/dated're still in the initial stage... After a while things will progress with one of them more'll know what to do.To me,if there is no physical intimacy with either woman, at this stage youre hanging out with both as friends.I dont think there is any need to say anything to one about the other, unless you decide you want to be exclusive with one of them and things turn a bit more romantic O:). I bet they read the forums, you are gonna be in big trouble and have none Also, ya better hope they don't look at your profile too soon, your last few posts are on there............lmaooooooooooothis is one i'm really puzzling about, that people write about the people they're dating on POF - on the forums. i'd think they've have an ooops section of the site for people who lost their potential-SOs by talking about them...appears our lucky OP posted on a different site, but eh, i've been wondering this...As long as you're not planning on sleeping with both which would be wrong and unfair to them, you're doing ok.

There is nothing wrong with that in the early stages of getting to know one another.

I myself choose to date just one person at a time and if that doesn't work out, move on. Others though, like me, will take themselves out of the game completely and find someone who wants to spend time with just me.

Be up front, say you want to take things slow and the reason why, you have a stake in your own integrity remember, you don't have to act like a sneak which no-one not even yourself will respect.

This way if they receive other offers, they may want to date others too until sure of who they prefer.

I think the worst is one a person tries to make another believe that they are only seeing one person when it's plainly obvious they are not - they come across as a player and very dishonest.

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