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So in this post I would like to share some of the Biblical teaching about living together before marriage. This should not be surprising, because the Bible has some strong things to say about living together.

God is a loving God, and he gives us his commands for our protection.

Those who choose not to live together before marriage will likely avoid many of the negative outcomes described in the earlier post.

Here are some Scriptures on living together before marriage: You will notice from these Bible verses that I am assuming couples who live together are also sexually involved.

We had become too separate and selfish, making it nearly impossible to become “one flesh.” The honeymoon was over before the wedding day ever arrived.

I wish I could tell every young adult in America that you truly will reap what you sow. but eventually it creates more problems than you can imagine.This book has easily earned a spot on my "favorites" bookcase in my living room, as I know I'll be referring to and talking about it often! I recommend this book to all my single sisters, but also to everyone who has a single Catholic woman in their life.Married friends and/or friends with kids will gain a better understanding of what is difficult for your single friend to share you about her struggles and needs.I don't know of another book that does what this book does for single women—it's simply o I can't do better than quote Kimberly Hahn's review of this book:"Always uplifting, The Catholic Girl's Survival Guide for the Single Years offers timeless truths that help women see beyond current circumstances to grasp the bigger picture of life as a beloved daughter of God.I don't know of another book that does what this book does for single women—it's simply outstanding! Even not being the kind of reader this book is aimed at, I found so many suggestions for daily life that would be helpful for anyone. We may feel alone but we need to remember we are not! I met the author at the Behold Conference, and I’ve enjoyed her writing online in various places, so I thought that, although the book didn’t appear to be anything relevant to me, I’d give it a shot. Not only was it speaking to ME in many ways, but I marked passages and will be sharing more thoughts about it at length.

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And I think in most cases that’s a pretty fair assumption.

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