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Imaginative interpretation, visual conceptualising of story and story elements, and the representation of narrative moments, form the primary thrust of the unit.Exercises will be directed toward an art direction project and the visualisation of character and story.This unit seeks to provide some of the fundamental skills needed to help visualise ideas and to translate them into representations in 2D and 3D.The unit does not assume any level of existing skill but instead starts from the most basic elements of design and drawing with the belief that any able person can learn to draw competently.

Tuesday & Wednesday 6.30pm Thursday & Friday 8pm Saturday 2pm & 8pm Sunday 5pm Preview (bookable) 8pm, 16 February Opening Night (invitation only) 8pm, 17 February Unwaged Performance 2pm, 22 March Belvoir Briefing 6.30pm, 8 February Running Time Approx 2 hours & 30 mins inc.

She’s the quintessential matriarch – balancing family, business, and her love of karaoke.

Enter her daughters: Zoe, in the throes of online dating, making big life decisions.

Immerse yourself in an exciting journey from concept development to finished animation in multiple styles.

Take advantage of JMC’s impressive animation, motion-capture, virtual-reality, recording and green-screen studios to bring your project to life, and master tech skills like rigging and compositing.

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