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Sometimes, a power that is more badass on paper can be lame in practice, usually when 1) the power is hard to control, 2) the power's activation/requirement is ridiculously complex and/or the situation where it can be used rarely comes up (see This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman when it does), 3) the user - who normally isn't lame - is facing a problem or is in a situation where their powers can't solve, 4) the user lacks enough ingenuity and creativity to use it, 5) the power has a big tradeoff that the user cannot use it too often without endangering themselves, 6) the power's effect is too small to be effective. They may have a power (such as it is), but it's not the reason they're in the group.

The easiest device is to just crank out a good old Plot Tailored to the Party, so that the character can make his seemingly useless superpower seem useful. I mean, this kid totally got ripped off."This refers to a special ability of someone on a team such as a Five Man Band who is so specialized as to seem useless in most situations.Maybe there ARE more potential uses for this power, it's just that the writers have somehow ignored them this far.No doubt it was useful his telepathy bailed them out a lot, as did the ability to get nearby animals to help, and it seemed to ward off the Idiot Ball but it lacked the total elemental "badass" quality of the others.Then there was the fact that the one Big Bad he bothered to use it on was invulnerable to its powers because "You have no heart!

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