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Now that New York same-sex marriage are legal, will documentation for marriage licenses for homosexual couples be different than the documentation needed for heterosexual couples?If the state follows through with the precedents set by other states that have allowed same-sex marriages to become legal, the paperwork will look either exactly the same or extremely similar.More information - Genealogy Records & Resources Mailing address: NYC Dept.of Records & Information Services 31 Chambers Street New York, NY 10007Physical address: NYC Municipal Archives 31 Chambers Street Room 103 New York, NY 10007 Directions More information Restrictions: Only the bride, groom, or other persons who have a documented judicial or other proper purpose (New York State Court Order) may order a certified copy of a marriage record.This simple decision, however, has lead to a number of questions, even though a number of other New England states have already made same-sex marriage legal in their state.Some people wonder if they can legally marry in New York and then move back to their state (such as Florida which does not allow same-sex marriage, yet), and if the same-sex marriages that will be performed will change the dynamic of the state itself.

These marriage records are an important piece of paper to have in your home and are a great thing to pass down to your family members for historical reasons, as well.There is really no reason why the paperwork should look different.According to the laws passed, same-sex couples who are married should be afforded the same rights and responsibilities of any heterosexual couple, so the paperwork should, and likely will, look exactly the same.This vociferous debate has led states around the nation to make decisions concerning their stance on same-sex marriages.In 2011, New York State made their decision, and they decided to make same-sex marriages legal.

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