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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

The Geelong – Surfcoast Regional Veterans’ Centre is a non-profit organisation staffed by volunteers and is a member of the Regional Veteran Centres Project (RVCP).

This service is provided free of charge to you, the veteran (and your family.) We do get some assistance from the Federal Government through the BEST Funding Grants but as we are a volunteer organisation we also have to raise extra funding by ourselves so donations are gratefully accepted.After the challenge, Alex denies any supposed wrongdoing, claiming the situation was merely coincidence and that he didn’t even know Ed made a puree.Of course, the very next cut is to a discussion the day before, where Alex is told about Ed’s puree.But in Ti, players who don’t know what “Shirase” entails might pick it wondering what the mode is, promptly crap their pants over the ridiculous lock speeds, and get a Game Over in about ten seconds.Death”, to the Japanese non reader’s eye, sounds like a mode that newbies should stay away from.

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