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The Ticket will NOT be offered or awarded until after you have done any three of the other four missions, based on my experience/research. In one of those tunnels is where I found the gold aura.

I wasn't around when they found it but it was near all the gerbils, think just inside the fort/castle thingy.He is sitting on his knees and is clearly marked by name. I hope to get this done for my Level 75 enchanter before the patch takes it out until next year. A friend of mine said I shroud shroud down to level 25 to be able to go to Castle Mistmoore, to kill the Bloody vampire. ill continue to add more to this post as i progress if it seems it will help. Bonzz of the Knights of Truth, Bertoxx Server excuse my dyslexic typing skills) I don't know about previous years, but there are no ground spawns near the "gerbils" in DN.I went to pok and got into a level 25 fairy trickster shroud. on my way there i thought how cool would it be if i could get this task n go to pok and remove the shroud to make it go faster. I gated back to the shroud keeper, removed the shroud went to the castle mistmoore grave yard, killed the vampire, looted him, got task ud and gated to the hal fling becuse I had bound my soul right next to him for faster completion. This items should be associated with a Quest/Task series. The five (5) related sub-tasks (quests) are: Trick or Treat for the Old Man The Hungry Halfling Missing Costume Pieces Bone Collector Out with the Old (Monster Mission) Depending on your current Level, it isn't just this mask you can obtain. After fruitless hours of searching, I commented to my group "Wouldn't it make more sense to find it amongst the bones near the entrance? Sure enough, there were several amidst these bones.Therefore, common EU rules have been established to ensure that your personal data enjoys a high standard of protection everywhere in the EU.You have the right to complain and obtain redress if your data is misused anywhere within the EU.

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