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She was classed as a problem croc and if she was not caught she would have been shot dead.To avoid such a pointless killing Steve promptly captured her and brought her back to the Zoo.When Saltwater Crocodiles are courting one another, they will rub their heads and bodies together. Between 4-6 weeks after mating, the female will lay 40-60 eggs in her nest.The nest may be up to 80cm high and is made of vegetation broken off by the female's teeth and scraped together with her hind legs.Diet Saltwater Crocodiles take a wide variety of prey, although juveniles are restricted to smaller items such as insects, amphibians, crustaceans, small reptiles and fish.

She does not stand for any rubbish from anyone, especially our crocodile keepers.

Although a large male crocodile could take on a food item as large as a 1 tonne Water Buffalo, the majority of their diet consists of relatively small prey items such as crustaceans, fish, turtles, small mammals and birds.

Breeding Around breeding season, which usually takes place during the wet season, large male crocodiles will patrol their stretches of water protecting their territory from intruding males.

This of course can make life interesting when you are maintaining her enclosure and during nesting season she is even worse: a few years ago she ripped a fuel tank off a lawn mower while protecting her nest.

It is easy to see why Steve loved her as his favourite crocodile.

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