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The latitude and longitude data was obtained from the CIA World Factbook. Though the original data provided directed matrix data for world trade, we converted this data to an undirected format by simply taking the sum of trade in both directions between each dyad of nations.The choice was made to use undirected network data because introducing directional arrows in a global map would create too much visual clutter.The wealthiest nations, and within them – regions, remain.This visualization is very effective already, but perhaps a heat color pattern on the underlying picture or variable line thickness would be a nice addition, to help contextualize each ‘slice.’ The dynamic elements are rhetorically effective – the inequality jumps out in the contrast between the slices – but I wonder how effective it would be to shade ties by proportion of world trade and then layer the information as a single figure?

In the last image we can see the relatively few country pairs with the largest commercial transactions adding up to 25% of the global total., a new software tool that exists to create geospatial visualizations of social networks.Most indicators are expected to register sharper declines than in previous episodes of global recession.In addition to its severity, this global recession also qualifies as the most synchronized, as virtually all the advanced economies and many emerging and developing economies are in recession.(The design and sales of these products, where the greatest profit can be derived, is even more concentrated).When the economies at the global margin do participate, they often do so through the sale of a single commodity or through the export of labor.

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(in Chapter 1) is the one entitled, somewhat innocuously "Global Business Cycles", by Marco Terrones, Ayhan Kose and Prakash Loungani at the IMF.

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  1. Six cantons as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein have delegated this task to the Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying, technical agency of the Confederation. Besides the traditional national reference systems, there is a European reference system ETRS89.