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While Calvin butchered the HYDRA agents in search of his daughter, Daisy was found by a S. However, in all of her searching, the only evidence she was able to find about them was a document with all of the pertinent data redacted by S. Skye confronted Coulson again when all returned to the Playground. Your brother wants you in his custody, and we're gonna give him exactly what he wants." Skye went down to Vault D and asked Grant to give information pertaining to his brother Christian.

Reinhardt vivisected the woman and used her blood and organs to regain some of his youth, and left her remains to be found by the infant's father, driving him into a state of extreme rage. Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. When May found two bodies on the floor, Skye called her father a monster, causing the man to react with anger and grief from where he was watching on hidden cameras.

However, after the meeting with Peterson, she was captured by S. HYDRA performed an experiment at a wedding where the effects of the Obelisk were partially duplicated. However, she challenged him to name his source when he reiterated that he would never lie to her.

D.'s motivations, or to get ahead of the situation by using his abilities to become a super-hero. Meanwhile, she did independent research into the painting and learned that it was 500 years old but the inscription was not, causing Coulson to realize that there was another who wrote it recently. Naturally, Skye assumed he was trying to manipulate her, believing that her parents had died years ago.

Johnson stopped Aida from using her for her ultimate goal However, soon after their victory, the team was sent to the year 2091, where Earth was destroyed and the surviving humans were enslaved by the Kree. To ensure her safety, the baby was dropped off by Avery at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, who gave her the name Mary Sue Poots, The girl's father continued to search for his daughter, relentless in his search. Though May insisted she was lying, Skye realized that Ward was telling the truth about Raina knowing her father.

They succeeded and they all returned to the real world - bar director Jeffrey Mace, who had died during a mission within the Framework - only to face the threat of the now living Aida. After returning to the United States, the other members of the team started to be eliminated. She posted video of Peterson online and left just enough evidence for S. When asked why she wanted Skye, Raina said that wanted to bring her to meet her father.

After being questioned in the Cage of the Bus, Skye agreed to help them. As the two worked on the mission, Skye and the others bonded by telling stories of their past romances and love interests. As she was researching the symbols, Lance Hunter suggested to Skye that she consult Grant Ward.

Just as Skye confronted Coulson about his carvings and he revealed that she could be an alien, hence why she had not experienced the same thing, Raina called for a meeting.

Ward desperately hoped that she was not the one writing the symbols, stating that Garrett drew the symbols in any way he could and it slowly drove him insane, causing Skye to realize that the same thing was happening to Coulson.

She met with Peterson at a local diner and advised him either to run, as she did not trust S. She then changed the subject, demanding to know what he knew about the symbols.

When Ward told her that Raina was his source on information about her father, she refused to listen, believing that Raina played him.

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"The one thing that I don't need time to understand is that we are all in this together. When the watch and the button came together they would cause an EMP in Kaena Point Air Force Base, a military base too hard for them to infiltrate.

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