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Naoto Higuchi uses the life histories of activists to establish that the basis of their support for the movement is their conservativism rather than social or economic stress.

He reveals the logic behind the emergence of the nativist movement by highlighting its links with developments in the existing right wing and Japans conservative powers. The brutal reality hit us that we had to protect ourselves otherwise bury our heads in the sand and give up altogether.' Written in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of March 2011, Koichi Hasegawas Beyond Fukushima presents a compelling account of the events of 3/11 against the backdrop of the history and geopolitics of the nuclear industry worldwide.

In this, the parallel volume to The Boundaries of 'the Japanese': Volume 1: Okinawa 18681972 (Trans Pacific Press, 2014), renowned historical sociologist Eiji Oguma further explores the fluctuating political, geographical, ethnic and sociocultural borders of Japan and the Japanese from the latter years of the Tokugawa shogunate to the mid-20th century.

Focused conference content on subject matters such as cloud computing, big data & analytics, cyber security and egovernment.Spanning more than eight hundred pages, this book presents an exhaustive study of the field, showing how ground-breaking discoveries were made and innovative theories were constructed, with personal portrayals and interesting anecdotes of pioneering scholars.Positioning chemistry carefully within the natural sciences, the author rejects the traditional separation of physics, chemistry and biology, defines chemistry broadly as the science of atoms and molecules, and traces its dynamic history with an emphasis on 20th century developments and more recent findings.In continuing to elaborate his theme of inclusion and exclusion, the author comprehensively recounts and analyses the events, actions, campaigns and attitudes of both the rulers and the ruled as Japan endeavoured both to be seen as a strong, civilised nation by the wider world, and to civilise its disparate subjects on its own terms.Aftermath: Fukushima and the 3.11 Earthquake is a comprehensive analysis of recovery and reconstruction following the triple disaster in Japan on 11 March, 2011.

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