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A collection of character and relationship-centric, interrelated stories about some students of Fairy Gakuen. Há mais ou menos dois anos, eu admiti que estava apaixonada./ Na Lu, Ga Le, Jer Za, Gru Via, Fraxus, Elfgreen with other pairings on the side. Or was it perhaps a societal norm here, on this little dirt planet? - Shikamaru & Temari - Oneshot - Presente para Shinoda-q A sua ex-Fukutaichou o fez prometer que sempre quando ela não estivesse presente ele deveria tomar o papel de contar historias para a pequena Nanao.Rated M for mild sexual content/ adult situations language edited 05/09A compilations of one-shot drabbles written for the 30 Day OTP challenge. Cosima/Delphine, Cophine, Science Girlfriends, femslash In an act of desperation, Regina enacts a spell that takes her back to the day Henry leaves for Boston. Ch 13: Without something to live for, he would have faded away from the heartbreak. Makarov is bored, and thus devises a plan to amuse himself: trick everyone in Fairy Tail into spilling their seven deepest, darkest secrets. Gazille switched body with Jet and bad stuff happens. Evergreen is having disturbing dreams about Elfman and she's looking for a solution before she loose her mind. Porque mesmo após derrotar Cronos e reconstruir o Olimpo, Percy e Annabeth ainda tem que lidar com uma desafio muito maior: Eles mesmos. E se ele realmente a atacasse enquanto estivesse em sua forma de lobo? Vivi Kohza, Robin Zoro, Sanji Nami, Zoro Tashigi, Hina Smoker, Luffy Nami, Zoro Kuina, Chopper, Brooke, Garp, Dragon, Luffy Nami Sanji Zoro Usopp, Franky postado! Pensava que havia outras coisas que despertavam esse apetite voraz e insaciável que caracteriza a gula. - Shikamaru & Temari - Oneshot - Presente para Shinoda-q Ser um ninja comum, casar com uma mulher nem bonita nem feia e ter com ela dois filhos - Isso era o que eu queria até o dia em que ela apareceu.Couples expected are Gray/Juvia, Natsu/Lucy, Elfman/Evergreen, Romeo/Wendy, and Jellal/Erza. Regina wants to keep the Savior from ever entering Storybrook, but when she takes her son's place, she finds herself unprepared for who exactly she encounters. You'd be surprised at the amount of tension between two people. From the first time they meet to Silena to married with kids. Five: Girls play dress up, Levy is insecure, Gazille is in shock. A collection of one shots starring Levy and Gajeel. 9: The Quiet Path: I couldn't help but notice that Levy changed her clothes at some point during her time on Tenrou Island. What scarring confessions will await him, and what will he do when his children find out they've been tricked? Lots of things happen on the way to them getting together. And beside the hardship of being in someone else body, they have to deal with The List... Rated T Gazille/Levy of course :3The moment he looked up and saw the block of iron created by Levy's solid script, Gazille knew he was in trouble. Pairings: Natsu XLucy, Gajeel XLevy, Al XBisca, Gray XJuvia, Elfman XEvergreen, Fried XMira & Jellal XErza! Ace está preso no alto da plataforma de execução em Marineford. UA Shikax Tema - Temari via o rock como uma forma de fugir de sua vida estressante. A vida dos dois caminhava sem direção, até que um dia acabaram se conhecendo de uma forma muito... - Shikamaru & Temari - Oneshot - Presente para Coelha-chan!

Cannon Fic: Travels through Books 5 & 6 in the Harry Potter series. Every day, Tonks, being her usual inexorable, hope-for-the-best self, every day she tries to smooth out the world but it is crumpled and crinkled, and the part where Remus sits, it is torn. Prompt: Delphine and Cosima meeting for the first time somewhere and Delphine falling for her instantly. A collection of Gajeel/Levy stories that offer glimpses of insight into a love so strange and beautiful that it defies comprehension. RATED M because of obvious sexual themes and crude jokes :3Situado após o livro 5; CONTÉM SPOILERS, PARE DE LER AGORA MESMO SE NÃO QUISER SABER O FINAL. E se Remus fosse mesmo velho e perigoso para Tonks? Remus/Tonks, completamente UA, pq eu não aceito a morte deles ùú'Cinquenta drabbles e shortfics com os personagens. Obviamente ele concordava com isso , embora não totalmente. – Smoker & Hina - Oneshot O medo que ele havia sentido de perdê-la por conta do tempo que passaram sem se ver, sumiu no momento em que ela se entregou a ele, mais uma vez.

How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me! The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife. Join Juvia on this amazing journey discovering how to be a mother and still be a Fairy Tail's mage. Normalmente era ele quem ficava parado a entrada esperando-a, mas ali estava ela encostada em uma arvore olhando para o lado de fora da vila. Qualidade do que é vão, instável, inútil ou de pouca duração; desejo imoderado de atrair a admiração dos outros ; vanglória, presunção, ostentação, futilidade. Rivais, inimigos, amigos, amores, amantes, separados, amigos.

Mirajane comes across the perfect mission for a matchmaking scheme, and immediately sends Gajeel, Natsu, Levy, and Lucy to handle it. “Trocando os anéis, vocês prometem serem honestos um com o outro para todo o sempre.” Compensa a separação para evitar se machucar e tirar o peso da culpa?

Author has written 155 stories for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Friends, A song of Ice and Fire, Avengers, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Merlin, Star Wars, Queer as Folk, Hart of Dixie, Suits, and Daredevil. Heaven's newest Archangel has been sent to help keep the Seals from breaking. SEQUEL: BMFS After 4th yr, Harry's adopted and becomes Shadow Snape. Sam had another close friend at college, one who was hiding his own secrets. When he was young, Harry was abandoned at a Muggle orphanage. Harry's mother comes looking for her son, and its not Lily Potter.

Harry's had it with his destined role after the Order does something he can't forgive. He's not like the other angels, he actually likes Sam and he's keeping a rather big secret. To avoid the machinations of the Ministry, Harry must marry a reluctant Severus Snape. HP/LV Harry grows up relying on only himself until his adoption, when he is taught the manners and politics of high pureblood circles. He returns to a Hogwarts run by Mc Gonagall, with a slightly altered face and new scars. Not your typical Harry’s brother is the Boy Who Lived story. Vader/HP He had loved and lost, but never moving on was the real tragedy of Lord Vader. A friend who has lost everything and would do anything to keep from losing anyone else. Years later, the Wizarding World discovers the Boy Who Lived is gone. Ron watches his best friend go through some very bad dating experiences, while going through some awkward ones of his own. Will the Hogwarts and the wizarding world know what to do when Harry is raised far away from the streets of Little Whinging, and out of Dumbledore's control? One of the first rules of rituals is that you properly research them before performing them.

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