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Eric always saw it, but never complained, and who was I to decline a kiss from a drop-dead gorgeous blonde like Bobbie, anyway?As I said before, I considered Eric a very fortunate man when it came to marriage, and it wasn't just on account of his wife's beauty.In hindsight, maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, though he certainly thought himself to be very fortunate with Bobbie.Anyway, so here I am, happy bachelor that I am, invited over to eat supper, a home-cooked meal that I didn't make for once (yes, I can cook, but, hey, I'm Italian and I've lived as a bachelor enough years that takeout, TV dinners, and canned goods become a little much after a while).

Of course, someone claimed it was because they didn't want to build a relationship with them, and if you're building a relationship, sex can only get in the way, or some such other psychobabble crap. To me, if you'd treat a stranger better than you'd treat me, that tells me all that I need to know about you.

Maybe I just shouldn't be Catholic, but I didn't see any other religions being much better.

They all had their own stupid rules in some measure. ) Don't get me wrong, there are some married men who get very lucky in terms of their wives, and I'd always thought that Eric was one of those lucky fools.

That's right, I publish and edit, though I'm now branching out into E-books from sheer necessity.

There were no such monsters when I was young and new to this business, and at 40 years of age, well, you get the idea (yes, my mother is still harping on me to get married and give her some grandkids).

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I knew that I was sorely tempted, as it would mean that while I would still work for now, I would never really have to work again.

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