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While MHS believes all children deserve the very best education, the School is not right for every child, even if he or she meets the minimum requirements for age and family income.For example, some children are not likely to adjust and do well in the School’s unique student home life environment, or have past behavioral problems that are likely to be amusement park located in hershey, pennsylvania.the main theme of the park pertains to hershey's chocolate.The methods used to calculate income and household size correlate with U. This applies to both initial enrollment and to applications for re-enrollment. In addition, applicants must have demonstrated capacity to learn within the parameters of MHS academic programs, with or without reasonable accommodations.

The MHS program also includes extra-curricular and year-round activities and a home life program.Each team area has classrooms, a science lab, a computer resource room and large group meeting area.A tech-ed lab, a manufacturing resource room, an Agricultural & Environmental Education lab and Career/Technical Education classrooms provide students with opportunities to learn and explore through hands-on is home to some of the greatest roller coasters in north america, including the comet, wildcat, lighning racers, great bear, storm runner, and farenheit, a steel roller coaster that has a 97 degree negative drop and is currently under will open when the park opens at the end of may 2008.

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