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Patani has produced many notable Islamic scholars, the most prominent being Daud bin Abdullah al-Patani (1769-1847), who lived and wrote in Mecca in the first half of the 19th century, and Wan Ahmad al-Patani (1856-1908), the first superintendent of the Malay press in Mecca.Patani is one of the great centres of the Malay manuscript tradition, and many manuscripts from Patani are now held in the National Library of Malaysia and the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.In modern literary texts, sex ranges from moralistic postures to erotic imageries, to a point where some writers were condemned as vulgar and pornographic.There are some writers however, who are able to depict sexual scenes and objects in a subtle and entertaining way with great literary finesse.Join Dr Faisal Tehrani and Juffri Supaat in this edition of where they share the fascinating research and documentation of this supposedly taboo topic, as documented in Malay classical as well as modern texts.This session will be conducted in Malay and moderated by Dr Azhar Ibrahim.The use of the superscript abbreviation (May God be pleased with him), following the names of the Prophet’s companions, is not common in Malay manuscripts.The most unusual feature, though, is that rubricated words have been written in red ink above a pencil outline. 16128 followed the same pattern of rubrication as its source text, and that while writing the scribe used pencil to indicate words to be rubricated, and then later overwrote the pencilled outlines in red ink.

At least 24 Malay manuscripts of this work are known to be held in collections in Indonesia and Europe, copied in locations ranging from Batavia to Singapore, and including another copy in the British Library which was copied in Semarang in Java in 1797 (Or. This is by no means an unusual scenario; many manuscripts from the Malay world are encountered with colophons that give a date which for codicological reasons (perhaps the use of dated or dateable watermarked paper) evidently predates the the manuscript in question, and therefore can be assumed to apply to the source text rather than the present copy.

Perhaps because of Patani’s location within Thailand, and a system of state education not rooted in Roman script, competency in Jawi appears to have lasted longer in Patani than perhaps anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

This means that uniquely in Patani, Malay manuscripts written in Jawi have been produced until recently, including, for example, some elaborately decorated hand-written copies of the text (Or.16128), set during the early wars of Islam, in which the eponymous villain, Raja Khandak (known in some versions as Raja Handak or Raja Handik) and his son Raja Badar battle against the forces of the Prophet.

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