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Fluenz has been wonderful so far, filling in some gaps formed over the years while at the same time teaching me new phrases and pronunciation techniques in each session.

Being able to recall vocabulary learned in the past and adding to my existing knowledge of French has been equally rewarding.

the Fluenz structured learning approach (if you haven't, just look at a few reviews, you'll see a detailed description before long), so I won't go into that here, other than to say that there's nothing wrong with the immersion approach per se, but both my wife and I would have found it frustrating not knowing the details.

That said, the Fluenz approach is perfect for us...

they really do an outstanding job of explaining everything in an engaging way, with really nice visual queues.

Next, I sampled Rosetta Stone through my library, but found it underwhelming and shallow with respect to its teaching methods.

Finally, I came across Fluenz online, and having previously tried out Rosetta Stone, I found Fluenz's arguments presented both for their software and against Rosetta Stone's to be especially compelling.

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