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The only right thing to do for AOL is donate the source code, rather than just bury it. Or at the very least, I would like to finally see a fully working open source Wasabi.player. Just hoping the current version runs forever doesn't cut it.

I know it wouldn't be the same, but if atleast Maki and the rest of the Wasabi codebase could finally be opened up completely, then the community could go from there, although I'm sure Wasabi and "classic" Winamp code is pretty tied together these days so it's probably not feasible. We all know that will only last a few years at the very most. Thanks to dev team for the best player in existence!

KMPlayer) - [zlib] Fixed version info There is currently no Essentials Pack update (have spent too much time working on the bug fixes, etc in v5.66 vs updating my own plug-ins) so in the coming day or two, there'll be an update for any of those plug-ins which were part of the old Essentials Pack whose functionality is now not natively part of v5.66. Mam nadzieję, że moja praca jako oficjalny tłumacz oraz betatester była przydatna, a używanie Winampa w polskiej wersji językowej było najlepszym doświadczeniem. 5.66 has a lot of improvements: - Classic and Modern Skin prefs were polished - Plug-in lists were improved - new combi enqueue/play button - all library buttons now scale automatically, depending on the font size and length of the strings - speed up improvements Winamp never looked better and more polished than in 5.66!!

So do keep an eye on this post and also coming plug-in updates which will work well with this newer v5.66 release. It was and it is the best media player all over the world. I've tried to fix/tweak as much as possible in the German language pack. I hope someone can answer as much as possible: 01 - Why? What I'm more curious to know is what happens to the devs. PS: It is remarkable, the amount of fixes and improvement made in this release equals at least the next year or so of little updates... This would be the best thing to happen in this sad situation. ) and used it for the last 16 or 17 years - and I'll continue using it as long as possible but I can't believe this is the end Many many many thanks to ALL DEVS and all you helpful hands here at the forums.

(I know, of those 15 years you can take 6 years at most of proper evolution but still..) Ha! can´t blame just them, search "Winamp" in Google and articles are growing like.. somewhere, like the one I´ve had this morning ) But why isn't there a final "Pro" Build?

weeds (sorry I don´t have an english equivalent for mine..). I still have it and I always downloaded from the appropriate Link on the download page.

) - [gen_jumpex] Error checking fix; fixed incorrect version info in the resource; window postioning fixes - [gen_jumpex] Fixed 'Jump to File' window not always visible when pressing 'J' or 'F3' manage) is enabled - [gen_jumpex] Fixed queue display not working properly in the main playlist editor - [gen_jumpex] Fixed reported icon pack association issues - [gen_jumpex] Fixed search results option in Prefs - [gen_jumpex] Fixed some quirks with icon packs and installing Winamp updates - [gen_jumpex] Fixed various gui / display issues - [gen_jumpex] High/Custom DPI compatibility changes - [gen_jumpex] Improved unloading time - [gen_jumpex] tweaked a prefs message fixed icon pack stuff not working on XP - [gen_ml/ml_disc] Color theme change fixes - [gen_ml/ml_local/playlists] Drag Drop handling tweaks - [gen_ml/ml_local] Misc buffer fixes - [gen_ml] Added a Restart Winamp message (for relevant prefs changes to take effect) - [gen_ml] Remove 'virtual' ml plug-ins from showing on the ml plug-ins list e.g. (thinking) 07 - Will this be shamefully left as a mistery like the previous buy from AOL was?

This is the best release of Winamp ever, imo, but let's just hope & pray that it's not the last...However, this will be the last AOL/Nullsoft release of Winamp :-( See the download page for more info. If you experience this issue, then please use in_mp3from build 3512 instead (Info | Download).A big thank you to all our users, former team members, beta testers, moderators, translators, skinners, plugin developers, preset & color theme designers, community members, everyone... Weird black pixels on corners of Bento & Modern skin notifier. _______________________________________________________________________________ (default value = 0) - [Winamp] Added no_video=1 support to for force disabling all video support/features/menus/prefs - [Winamp] Fallback to out_ds then out_wave if specified output plugin can't be found.The good thing about it is that it´s making so much noise.. It misses the German it links to the "full" bundle with things I don't want...) Could you please make a final "Pro" Build without bundled e Music stuff and so on?I don't want to lose Pro with that "final" build...

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